018 English LK-Trip to Dublin
Dublin is the capital of Ireland and with a population of 500.000 it is also Ireland’s biggest city. Dublin is located on the coast where the Liffey River meets the Irish Sea. In the centre of the city one can find many old buildings and narrow streets. A number of parks and pedestrian zones also make the city very easy and enjoyable to experience. The business district, which is located next to the old town, offers a lot of modern architecture. This makes Dublin a diverse city which is very interesting to explore.

Guiness beer is Ireland´s most famous and most widely sold beer. Since the brewery is located in Dublin, it has naturally become one of the biggest tourist attractions. We were allowed to take a tour through the brewery, where we got to learn a lot about
Irish brewing tradition.
Dublin Castle is one of Ireland´s most important historical sights. It was built in the Middle Ages, but was expanded several times throughout history. We went on a guided tour through the whole building and learned about its past, which is closely connected to the foundation of the kingdom of Ireland.
Trinity College Dublin is one of the world´s oldest universities. We got to see its old library, which contains some of Europe´s most important historical writings like the Book of Kells.


Our Stay:
During the four days that we spent in Dublin, we stayed at a hostel close to the city centre. It was a hostel for international travellers, so we met a lot of interesting people by playing games and watching the Soccer World Cup with them.
Every day, our teachers took us on a tour to learn more about Dublin and the surrounding area, but in the afternoon we were free to explore the city on our own.
Because Dublin is a rather small city and our hostel was so close to the centre, we did not need any public transportation to get around. Overall, Dublin is a diverse and beautiful city that everyone should see and experience.


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